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Our Symbol

The Institute’s symbol is derived from the Younger Futhark runic alphabet, combining the characters "K" (    ) representing knowledge with the character "A" (     ) for action, both of which we must possess to be aware of ourselves and engage our surroundings. It represents freedom to move through your world safely and confidently. 

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The Team

Dan Schilling

Dan conducted combat, clandestine, rescue and humanitarian operations around the world for more than 30 years and is now committed to improving and making life safer for others through his unique philosophical perspectives and extensive operational expertise. He spent more than 30 years in the U.S. military, primarily in Special Operations as a Combat Controller and Special Tactics Officer. During Operation Gothic Serpent, popularly known as Black Hawk Down, he is credited with saving the lives of a Ranger and Team Six SEAL while under fire. He later conceived, founded and then served as the first commander of two special operations squadrons, one of which’s name and purpose remains top-secret. His final military assignment was the Joint Special Operations Command weapons of mass destruction U.S. interagency and intelligence community director. He was a HALO and staticline master parachutist, Special Forces combat diver, and Combat Control pipeline instructor.

Dan became a full-time writer after retiring from the military in 2016. His last book, Alone at Dawn (Grand Central, 2019) was a New York Times and Amazon #1 international bestseller focused on the world’s least known yet deadliest special operations force and the U.S. Air Force’s greatest hero in half a century, Medal of Honor recipient John Chapman. It is soon to be a major motion picture from MGM studios starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Dan is intimately involved with the production as an executive producer.


A purveyor of adrenaline-fueled endeavors, he holds the Guinness World Record for most BASE jumps in 24 hours (201), a charity event he conducted to support children who have lost a parent in special operations through the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. He is also a professional-rated demonstration skydiver, speedwing pilot and volunteer ski instructor with Wasatch Adaptive Sports, helping those with disabilities to experience the joy of downhill skiing.

But it was in the course of writing The Power of Awareness that he realized his life was taking on a new direction. The overwhelming positive response and his decades long relationship with Randy Watt led him to found along with Dr. Mitch Javidi, the Power of Awareness Institute. The result is his new found passion for empowering individuals so they can experience the world with confidence.

Dr. Mitch Javidi

Mitch Javidi’s American journey began when he arrived alone in the US as a 13-
year-old with no English language or parents. From there he managed to work,
thrive and become a U.S. citizen. Holding as many as three jobs, he earned a
doctorate and began a professorship at North Carolina State University, teaching
organizational leadership and communication. Mitch successfully completed
tenure while complimenting his academic career by providing leadership training
to the Joint Special Operations Command and pursuing business ventures. He
subsequently built and exited three successful businesses in the course of 34

He is now committed to building leadership capacities in safety and giving back
to the country that so generously provided him opportunities to succeed.  As a
globally recognized leader, he is a cofounder of The Power of Awareness
Institute, the National Command & Staff College, Epochal Technology, Inc, and
the Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development.
Mitch is the developer of “MAGNUS OVEA,” a general theory of performance,
leadership, wellness, resiliency, and anti-fragility. As an expert in these
disciplines, he has conducted training for over 350 organizations worldwide
including GlaxoSmithKline plc, AT&T, PepsiCo, Comcast, Dell Technologies,
General Electric, HP, IBM, Merck, Oracle, Pfizer, Bank of America, Best Buy,
General Motors, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, Raytheon
Technologies, Cisco Systems, the US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, FBI,
His awards include honorary membership in the United States Army Special
Operations Command and honorary Sheriff in the National Sheriffs’ Association.
He is also a National Tactical Officers Association “Spirit Award” recipient,
presented annually to an individual whose work saves lives, and the recipient of
the National Society of Accountants’ prestigious “Person of the Year” award.

Randy Watt

Steven R. Watt (Randy) is a retired Chief of Police of the Ogden, Utah, Police
Department, where he served for 38 years in various assignments within the
Department, including 12 years with the Ogden/Metro SWAT Team.  He
received numerous awards and medals for his police service, including twice
being awarded the Department’s Medal of Valor.  He is an internationally
recognized trainer and speaker in Leadership, Special Operations, and
Terrorism, and has authored numerous articles in those subject areas.  He
holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Police Science from Weber State College, a
Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Phoenix, and a Master’s

Degree in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College.  Randy is a
graduate of Session 191 of the FBI National Academy.
Randy is also a retired Colonel, Utah Army National Guard, and former
Commander of the 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), commanding 2200
special operations soldiers across 9 states.  He retired with 34 years active
duty and reserve service, including multiple combat tours in Afghanistan and
Iraq during America’s two decades of post 9/11 engagements and
commanded at all levels of Special Forces, including ODA, company,
battalion, and group.  He has received numerous medals and awards for his
service, including the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, the Legion of Merit, the
Bronze Star for Valor in combat, and 3 Bronze Stars for meritorious service in
combat.  He is a master parachutist and is military freefall qualified.  Randy
and his wife of 41 years, Terri, reside in Morgan County, Utah.  They have 4
children and 12 grandchildren.